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Founder of the International Hypnosis Federation, Dr. Shelley Stockwell, shares her famous thirty-second self-hypnosis technique. Use it to feel wonderfully refreshed and to achieve your goals. It takes only thirty seconds to visit your inner mind. While you’re there why not have a chat with your all-knowing inner self?

To do Stockwell’s Zap, you say the word “blue” three different times and each time, you give yourself another assignment. Here’s how to zap yourself (you’ll pleasantly “dis-zap-pear” for thirty seconds.). Enjoy!

First Blue

Say “blue” to yourself, then close your eyelids. Think and imagine the word blue. Blue as the sky, blue as a deep blue ocean, blue as a warm baby’s blanket. Relax your eyelids so well that when you test them, they just don’t want to open. When you’ve done a good job of playing this relaxation game of eyelids, stop testing then and say your:

Second Blue

Say “blue” a second time. Then give yourself a positive suggestion, such as “I feel wonderfully refreshed.” or “Calm, peaceful and easy.”

Third Blue

Return to room awareness “Wide awake, eyes wide open, feeling terrific.”

How to Deepen The Stockwell Zap

To deepen the Stockwell Zap repeat the first two “blues” and the assignment for each and then tell yourself: “with the next five breaths, I go deeper and deeper into the valley of relaxation. Deeper than I’ve ever gone before.” Then count each breath; five, four, three, two, one” as you imagine yourself going deeper and deeper into relaxation. When you reach the valley of relaxation (One), give yourself powerful suggestions and listen to your deepest wisdom. You’ll get high with your higher self! When you are complete, count yourself back to everyday awareness “One-two-three-four and five…blue…I open my eyes, wide awake and feeling great. Perfect from head to toe. Now seize the day!

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