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(excerpt from ”Stockwell’s Hypnosis Dictionary Script Book”

Absorb, absorbed conscious level of imagination, active imagination, acquiescence, allure, alpha/theta state, altered state, animal magnetism, anodynized, applied kinesiology, artificial sleep, attract response, attunement, autogenics, autogenic training (AT), automaticity, automatic pilot, automatism, autosuggestion, awestruck, basic training, be-daze, bedazzle, beguile, bewitch, biofeedback, biologize, blissfully aware, body/mind wisdom state, braidism, brain entrainment, captivate, cast a spell, catalepsy, catatonia, centered, centered in the mind, centering, cerebral physiology, charm, change technology, cogitate, co-meditation, compel, conceptualize, conceptual state, conscience, contemplation, control, conjure up, couéism, creative imaging, creative meditation, creative response, creative visualization, cybernetic response, daydreaming, deeper mind stimulation, deep inner concentration, deep in thought, deep listening, deep state, dhyana, directed day-dream, directed waking dream, double personality, downtime, dreams, dreaming, dreamlike mentation, dream-state, dynamic imaging, dynamic relaxation, ecstasy, electromagnetism, enchant (from the word chanter that later became the cantor), enchantment, enculturation, energy-grab, energy medicine, energy meditation, engross, enthrall, entrance, en-rapport, enrapture, envision, euphoria, eye-catching, fantasy, fascinate, fascination, flow, flow state, focus, focused awareness, focus state, glamour, grip, guided concentration, guided daydreaming, guided disassociation, guided fantasy, guided hallucination, guided imagery, guided meditation, guided visualization, gut feeling, heightened awareness, highway hypnosis, human psychology, hyper-reality, hypnagogic, hypnodynamics, hypnoidal state, hypnosis, hypostasis, hypnostatic perception, hypotaxic condition, hypnotism, ideomotor response, illusion, imagery, imaginal medicine, imaginative level, imaging, imagining, in a spell, in a trance, incantation, in-chant, incubation, induced sleep, influence, initiated symbol projection, in-know-sense, in a dream, inner-awareness, inner-focus, inner guide meditation, inner voice, inner plane, inner-viewing, integrative medicine, internal imagery, internally-directed emotional self-awareness, in the zone, introspection, intuition, in-state, intention imprinting, introspection, karuahan, led meditation, limerence, lost in thought, low arousal biofeedback, lucid sleep, lull, magical thinking, magical visualization, magnetic attraction, magnetic medicine, magnetism, magnetize, magnified concentration, make-believe, massage for the mind, meditation, meditative, mental biofeedback, mental conditioning, mental dynamics, mental empowerment, mental imagery, mental installation, mental intervention, mental kinesiology, mental mastery, mentation, mesmerize, mesmerized, mesmerizing, mesmeric, meta state, mind/body kinesiology, mind control, mind empowerment, mind expansion, mindful awareness, mindful meditation, mindfulness, mind over matter, mind-reading, mind-state, mind system technology, monoideism, mystical rapture, natural medicine, nervous sleep, neuro-hypnosis, neuropnology, new science, non-conscious self-regulatory system, non-thinking state, oneirosis, outcropping of the subconscious, out-of-body experience, pathwork, peak state, personal magnetism, personal prayer, persuasion, phrenology, placebo effect, positive imaging, positive persuasion, positive thinking, positive visualization, power of suggestion, prayer, prayerful, progressive mental alignment, progressive relaxation, psychoanalysis, psycho-education, psychologize, psycho-orientation, psycho-mental/emotional state, psychophysical self-regulation, submerged awareness, psychotherapy, qigong, rapt, rapt attention, rapture, reality tunnel, reflection, reinforcing, relaxation intervention, relaxation response, relaxology, religious ecstasy, restful state, resource state, retrospection, reverie, rhapsody, riveting, riveted attention, secret-mysterious, self guidance, shamanic ecstasy, shamanic journey, shape shifting, sleep, sleep inducing, sleep-like condition, socialization, somnambulism, somnolence, sophrology, sopor, soporific, soporose, soul power, spell, spellbind, spellbound, staring into space, state of absorption, state of trance, state of tranquility, steady state, still state, struck with insensibility, subconscious awareness, subconscious persuasion, subjective orientation, subtle energy state, suggestive condition, suggestive technique, tantra, tantric trance, the distraction method, therapeutic suggestion, the still point, the technique, think deeply, thinking aloud, thought transference, trance, tranced, trance-like state, transcendental meditation, transfix, transpersonal awareness, turn inward, twilight state, under a spell, hypnotic, hypnotize, hypnotizing, vibrational medicine, virtual silence, visual imagery, visualization, voodoo, voodoo spell, waking dream therapy, willed imagination, will energy, will power, yar-phoonk, yoga for the mind, zoned-out, and zoo-magnetism. After Frederick Anton Mesmer’s work, it was named “Mesmerism.” Then Dr. James Braid called it “Hypnotism,” and the name stuck.)

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