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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for those with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficits, Hyperactivity or upset gleans excellent results. Hypnosis helps people remain peaceful and relaxed.

A hyper active child or a scatter-brained adult benefits greatly from hypnosis. Hypnosis helps them to organize and sort through thoughts and bits of information in the brain. Hypnosis, simply put, is the way to file stimuli and keep order.

ADD Factoids

“ADHD is over diagnosed… instead of prescribing a ‘pill’, psychiatrists should determine whether there are psychosocial reasons that could lead to behavioral problems.”

–Leon Eisenberg, MD, Harvard Psychiatrist

ADD and ADHD was coined in 1794 in Germany and then again in 1995 at the University of Michigan, to describe “high stress,” hyperactivity, depression and/or nervous energy.

According to Americans With Disabilities Act statistics; 3%-10% of the US population has ADHD symptoms. So why the rash of ADD/ADHD diagnoses? Could it be that hyperactivity is dietary: too much caffeine and the cocaine from supposedly “de-cocain-ized” coca leaves in soft drinks? Too much sugar? Medicines? Dietary additives like MSG or Aspartame? Is hyperness inherited? Is it modeled-behavior? Or, is it simple old-fashioned high energy? These possibilities would be the subject of a much longer article.


We know that group or individual training in self-hypnosis, guided imagery, breathwork and anchoring soothes anxiety, restlessness, boredom, dyslexia from A to Z (or from ADD to ADHD).

Hypnosis helps you master thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. It helps them be calm, focused and successful. Family members, teachers, friends and employees are happier too.


Students who are stressed or fearful need help to self regulate. Peer pressure, moving to a new school or classroom, having to make new friends, handling bullies, falling behind in a subject, or being teased is indeed stressful… especially for one with a unique learning style. Hypnosis helps such teens self regulate to recover from stress or trauma.

A middle school teacher, college professor and hypnotherapist reports; “Following breathing exercises I have students use guided imagery that stems from literature recommended by state standards (such as Tuck Everlasting, Esperanza Rising or The Egypt Game.). My students enjoy this ‘Journey Within’ as they use their mind’s eye to enjoy an Inner Garden… making it the foundation to help a healthy mental garden take root.”

In lieu of medication, hypnosis suggestions help people to successfully:

  1. Concentrate and focus.

  2. Reframe being “disabled” to be “other-abled with great gifts and potentials.”

  3. De-emphasizes pressure cooker agendas with mindfulness and doing things one at a time.

  4. Restrict exposure overstimulation from bad news, TV, video games and computers.

  5. Effects a healthy diet and turns people away from processed carbs, soft drinks and sugars

REAL-LIFE HYPNO-TALE: Hyperactive students sometimes say, “I’m too restless and busy to learn to be quiet.” Yet, when they give it a go the are thrilled to be happier, get along better with others and are more productive. One of my students said that she didn’t have time to do breathing and imagery to make her homework easier. She said “I’d rather struggle with my homework.” But when her parents divorced and she couldn’t even drag herself out of bed she used the imagery and hypnosis I taught. In a few days she could face school again and felt tremendous relief.

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